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Reissue and restoration of chandeliers

lustre ancien

Our Chandeliers

Reproduction and restaration of the most prestigious chandeliers from 17, 18 and 19 centuries. British Chandeliers, chandeliers made from rock crystal, Namurois chandelier, Liégeois chandelier, Italian chandelier, Venitian Murano chandelier, Prussian chandelier. So many diffrent styles of chandeliers that we re edit and restore in our workshops.

Restoration of antique chandeliers

Restoration of antique chandeliers forn the XVIII centuries, from different backgrounds with elements made of clear and colored glass. Broken or missing components are rebuilt identically (sconces, cups, pendants, ...). The chandeliers can be equipped with a high-quality discreet lighting.
  • Halogen Indirect lighting
  • Swedish candles
  • Century candles